Athletic Aerosol Paint – Colored

Specially formulated to produce bright, durable lines. The high solids content provides excellent coverage, creating brighter whites and vivid colors that really stand out.

  • Extremely durable, the water-resistant formula will not wash away in the rain.
  • The non-clogging design allows the paint to completely empty, minimizing waste.
  • Universal tip works with nearly every paint striper.
  • With a 4″ wide stripe you can get up to 360′ of line per can.
  • Low VOCs, low toxicity, no fluorocarbons, and lead-free.
  • (12) 20 oz cans per case. Priced per case.
  • Orange, yellow, royal blue, red, turf green, light blue


Athletic Aerosol Paint for sports fields - colored.

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