Outdoor Cable Kits for Batting Cages


Enjoy a stress-free tunnel net installation using our Outdoor Cable Kit. Crafted for convenience and effectiveness, it’s the ideal choice for backyard setups. More Info


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Take The Game Home! 

When it comes to setting up standard-sized tunnel nets in non-commercial settings, our Outdoor Cable Kit is your ultimate solution. Designed for ease and efficiency, this kit ensures a trouble-free installation process, perfect for your backyard tunnel!

Key Features:

Comprehensive Solution: This kit is thoughtfully curated, providing you with all the hardware essentials required for a smooth tunnel net installation experience.

Impressive Reach: Supporting up to 3 lines, our kit can span up to 80 feet, offering ample coverage for your training area without compromise.

Non-Commercial Brilliance: Tailored for non-commercial settings, this kit is ideal for those seeking a reliable solution for less heavy-duty use. It’s your go-to choice for projects with #36 Nylon and below.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x 250′ spool of 1/8″ cable.
  • 12x Wire rope clip 1/8″.
  • 3x Turnbuckle 1/4″ x 4″.
  • 45x Spring Hook 1/4″ x 60 mm.

Experience the ease and confidence of setting up your tunnel nets with our Outdoor Cable Kit. Even in non-commercial environments, you can count on quality and efficiency that makes your training space complete. Get ready to level up your game!


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