SPI Nets is thrilled to introduce our newly expanded Installation Department, dedicated to delivering excellence in net design and installation.

With a collective experience exceeding 50 years, our seasoned professionals are experts in crafting and installing nets for a diverse range of applications, spanning sports, commercial ventures, industrial solutions, and residential projects. Our impressive portfolio includes nets for baseball, softball, golf, soccer, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, bird protection, and landfill litter barriers. Within the sports industry, we’ve earned acclaim for our Monopole Canopies and state-of-the-art Multiple Station Batting facilities.

Throughout our journey, our adept installation team has fostered invaluable partnerships with regional and local programs. In addition to our exceptional nets and installation services, we offer a comprehensive array of supplementary items, such as protective screens, cutting-edge pitching machines, versatile ball carts, top-quality batting mats, and precision-engineered pitching mounds. Explore our extensive product range here at

Our Installation Services

• Batting Tunnels
• Baseball Backstops
• Foul Ball Nets
• Overhead Protective Nets for Baseball Facilities
• Golf Barrier Nets for Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
• Soccer Barrier Nets
• Landfill Litter Barrier Nets


Turf Installations

While our forte lies in custom net fabrication and installation, we also offer turf installation services to meet your every need. Our proficient installers are equipped to manage every facet of your netting project, from poles and hardware to nets and turf. Whether you’re embarking on an ambitious new facility or seeking to revamp existing installations, we invite you to connect with us for a complimentary consultation and a detailed quote.


For personalized guidance and assistance, please call our Installation Specialist, Rob Ayres, at 1-956-793-1151.