Elite Series 7 x 5 Front Toss


Experience superior training with our 7×5 Front Toss Screen, featuring durable 14-gauge galvanized steel tubing, customizable #36 or #60 nylon netting, and optional padding in various colors. More Info


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Immerse yourself in a realm of superior training with the remarkable 7 x 5 Front Toss Screen by SPI Nets.

Engineered with meticulous precision and crafted from top-quality materials, this screen stands as a pinnacle of excellence in sporting equipment. Explore the exceptional features that set this screen apart:

• Unrivaled Durability: Crafted to Endure: Our 7 x 5 Front Toss Screen is built to withstand the rigors of intensive training sessions and outdoor conditions. Constructed from durable 14-gauge galvanized steel tubing, it ensures unmatched strength and resilience, guaranteeing lasting performance season after season.

• Customizable Netting: Tailored to Your Needs: Choose from customizable #36 or #60 nylon netting to suit your specific training requirements. Whether you prioritize maximum durability or enhanced visibility, SPI Nets offers options to accommodate your unique preferences and training regimen.

• Optional Padding: Enhanced Safety and Comfort: Add optional padding in various colors to enhance safety and comfort during training sessions. The padding not only provides additional protection against impact but also adds a touch of customization to your equipment, allowing you to personalize your training experience.

• Effortless Assembly: Convenient Setup: Designed for hassle-free assembly, the 7 x 5 Front Toss Screen allows for quick and easy installation, ensuring minimal downtime between training sessions. Experience unparalleled convenience as you set up your training area with ease, maximizing your practice time and productivity.

• Versatile Training Options: Superior Training Experience: The 7 x 5 Front Toss Screen offers versatile training options, allowing for a wide range of drills and exercises to improve your skills and technique. From front toss drills to pitching practice, this screen provides the perfect platform to refine your game and elevate your performance.

Invest in the 7 x 5 Front Toss Screen by SPI Nets and unlock the potential for superior training and unparalleled performance.

Experience the SPI Nets difference today and take your training to new heights.

Additional information

Step 1: Please select netting

#36 Nylon netting ES7503, #60 Nylon netting ES7506

Step 2: Please select padding

#36 No padding, Black $266.00, Royal $266.00, Scarlet $266.00, Navy $266.00, Purple $266.00, Orange $266.00, Yellow $266.00, Maroon $266.00, Green $266.00, #60 No padding, Black $289.25, Royal $289.25, Scarlet $289.25, Navy $289.25, Purple $289.25, Orange $289.25, Yellow $289.25, Maroon $289.25, Green $289.25


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