Batting Cage Net – Premium Poly Series


SPI Nets offers an affordable line of Pro tunnels, including UV-tolerant Poly tunnels with similar features to nylon at a fraction of the cost, ideal for outdoor use. Features include entry door with flap, net saver baffle, sag-preventing ropes, and corrosion-resistant steel hardware. Frame not included. More Info


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Discover the remarkable range of Pro tunnels from SPI Nets. 

Tailored to accommodate diverse budgets without compromising on performance. Our Poly tunnels redefine excellence by encompassing the same cutting-edge features as their nylon counterparts, while also offering distinctive benefits that set them apart.

Unparalleled Outdoor Performance: Our Poly tunnels are not just tunnels; they are your reliable outdoor companions. Engineered with enhanced UV tolerance, exceptional weather resistance, and a superior ability to ward off rot, they thrive in outdoor environments where others falter. Even though they may not rival the unyielding resilience of Nylon, their exceptional outdoor performance is underscored by their affordability.

Options Tailored to You: Choose from our range of twine sizes – #24, #36, and #42 – ensuring a tailored fit for your specific needs. Please note that the frame is not included, giving you the flexibility to select the ideal framing solution for your setup.

Smart Design for Maximum Convenience:

  • Effortless Access: Our tunnels are designed with an entry door featuring a convenient 3’ Over flap. This thoughtful addition ensures safe and easy entry and exit, prioritizing your comfort and security.
  • Safety First: Experience an extra layer of safety and versatility with the net saver baffle strategically placed behind the batter. We take your safety seriously, and this feature reflects our commitment to providing top-tier products.
  • Sag-Proof Construction: Say goodbye to sagging concerns. Our tunnels are equipped with rope borders complemented by a middle ceiling rope, effectively preventing any sagging and maintaining a sturdy structure over time.
  • Built to Last: The corners and midpoint along the length feature corrosion-resistant steel hardware, guaranteeing enduring performance and reinforcing the durability of our Pro Tunnels.

Enhance your outdoor practice, training sessions, and gameplay with SPI Net's Pro Tunnels. Our dedication to innovation, performance, and your satisfaction shines through in every detail. With our Pro Tunnels, you're not just investing in a product – you're investing in a superior outdoor experience.

Choose SPI Net today and embark on a journey of exceptional quality, unmatched performance, and outdoor excellence.

Looking for Frames?

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