Batting Cage Net – Premium Poly Series

Constructed from ultra-strong 100% High-Density Non-Corrosive Polyethylene fibers, our Premium Poly Batting Cage Nets (formally ou Armadillos) now offer even higher breaking strengths and abrasion resistance. The Armadillo is constructed with the full complement of Premium features, more features than any other poly cage net. SPI Premium Poly Batting Cage Nets are sure to remain the markets leading POLY net.


SPI Nets offers line of Pro tunnels that can meet any programs budget. Poly tunnels offer all the same features at a fraction of the cost of nylon tunnels. Plus their added UV tolerance, weather and rot resistance make the ideal for outdoor usage. Though not as tough and resilient as Nylon they more than make up for it with their lower cost and excellent outdoor performance. Currently available in twine sizes #24, #36 and #42. Frame not included.

  • Entry door with 3’ Over flap for safe and easy access into and out of the net.
  • Net saver baffle added behind the batter for added safety and versatility.
  • Rope bordered with middle ceiling rope to prevent SAG.
  • Corrosion resistant steel hardware in all corners and midway down the middle along the length.

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