Hack Attack Pitching Machine – JR Softball 112-1100

Hack Attack Junior Softball Pitching Machine


Softball Pitching Machine is the superior quality training tool designed to develop serious young players. The exclusive three-wheel design changes the breaking pitch changes by simply adjusting wheel speed dials. Weighs 75 lbs.

  • Level of Play:  Youth league, backyard, machine-pitch games, travel teams, high school, college and professional.
  • Pitches Fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left- handed screwballs.
  • Fungo Pivots instantly for pop-ups, fly balls and grounders.
  • Transportability Fits into any compact car, including a Mini Cooper.
  • Automatic Feeders Can use either Solo Feeder (11 ball) or the Team Feeder (75 ball).
  • Electrical Requirements 110V and 220/240V also available.
  • Ball Types All types, including leather – Not synthetic leather balls.
  • Ball Sizes Can be converted to baseball using conversion kit and can also be converted to use 7.5″ vision training balls.

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Weight 75 lbs


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