Alumagoal Dry Line Marker 100 lb

Alumagoal Dry Line Marker


Alumagoal Dry Line Marker gives the playing field a professional look with painted, precise lines. Your crew can prepare fields season after season thanks to the marker's steel frame and galvanized steel bucket. Your crew can make lines in both 2 inch and 4 inch with the easy adjustable settings. Wide wheels that provide a stable base as the crew moves around the field. Two handlebars with hand grips each make it convenient while makring the field for soccer, football, baseball or softball season. • Designed with an 11-gauge steel frame, 18-gauge galvanized steel bucket and steel axle bushings.

  • Four pneumatic tires for ease of maneuvering while marking lines.
  • Easy adjustments between 2 inch dry lines and 4 inch dry lines
  • Great for marking outside playing fields at schools, tournaments, facilities.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs