Alumagoal Dry Line Marker 65 lb

Alumagoal Dry Line Marker


Alumagoal 65 lb Dry Line Marker is a great tool for groundskeepers to prepare the fields for the start of each season, a tournament or an exciting matchup! This marker adjusts easily to lay down lines of varying widths. Putting down boundary lines, goal lines or yardage markers for football, soccer and baseball fields is no problem while using this marker. The marker adjusts easily for varying widths. Four hard rubber wheels make it easy for crews to move the marker smoothly along the turf to make accurate marks. The push handle with a comfortable grip provides a secure handhold for steering.

  • All-steel construction and rubber wheels hold up through seasons of use
  • Rolling design is easy to move across each sports field.
  • By pulling the lever, you can adjust between 2 in. and 4 in. lines.
  • Hand grip on the handle provide secure maneuvering.
  • 65 lb. capacity holds enough material for multiple line marking.

Additional information

Weight 46 lbs